Record Player – Where Should We Start From?

It’s time for you to breathe a new wind to your living room. What is better idea than a record player, which can give you a warm, harmonized sound with the instant feeling of nostalgia? As used to be a symbol of old days gone, now it is coming back and become a new trend in music lover generation. That’s why it is more and more popular these days.

Thanks to the digital music era, these formats have completely changed the face of music industry. Music is now so accessible and convenient to anyone that it just needs to have a Wi-Fi connection.

However, it is an apparent truth that vinyl can produce a much better sound quality. The romance of slipping a record out of a dusty sleeve and softly placing it on a platter, lowering the needle to create the sweetest sounds of your favorite albums… is that something you can barely resist. It is much more then hitting the plying button on the laptop or MP3 player.

From many websites that provide record player reviews, there are two big producing brands.

Crosley Radio

Crosley Radio Recording Tech Record Player

It is on the most famous brands. Their product ranges are wide from no nonsense items, to high end models. In both terms of style and quality, they can fulfill you with a lot of fun and enthusiast.

Crosley is aiming for a superb sound quality without concession for prices and looks. That make the brand unique and outstanding. Moreover, they have some vintage models which are very liked by a lot of customers.

Audio Technica

Audio Technica

Audio Technica has a whole different philosophy, actually. There is no aiming in nostalgic looks, or wooden cases. This brand just focus on sound – a great sound. That is the reason why this trade name is more popular to DJ’s.

Their aimed targets are the higher end of the market. By the great sound they can make, there is no sign of declining in sales and development.

If you want to have a good qualified vinyl record player, the both brands above are good choices for you to start from. Once again, only good player can satisfy the high gout of music listening. If you buy a good record player, it is not only about the sound quality term, but you pay for the experience of playing music through a classic player. Still wondering which is the best? Tips on TrustedSounds breaks down the different types and brands for you.

It may sound like an expensive and luxurious hobble, however, in fact, there is much more than a hobby you may think. It is contribution to maintaining a digital collection of music.

The music listen should not be easy and facile, as just pressing playing button on MP3 player or on laptop. Music deserves to be treated more than that. Especially if you are a music lover, try to experience one time by a vinyl record player. You will love it at first sight. And you will realize that investment in a record player can be a little more expensive, but worth for money.

We wish you will have the best moments with your favorite item, and get some useful information from this article.

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