5 Typical Risks Need to Know When Wearing the Earphones

using the earphones

As we know, the technology is developing day by day to meet the needs of the people. Everything becomes easier thanks to the advanced technology. But it also affects the human health. Typically, the intention of the headphones helps many people have the private space for listening to music, for working as well as for studying. They can concentrate on their works although they are sitting in the crowded places. It is a great thing which we never have without the headphones. There are many different types of the earphones. Some people like to choose the best wireless earphones to get the simple use. In addition, these kinds are also very trendy. However, you should remember that all of the earphones will include both the benefits and the risks when we use them. In this writing, I will mention 5 typical risks when we wearing the earphones. To protect our hearing, you must keep them in your mind right now.

5 Common Risks of Using The Earphones

When walking or running, you have a habit of using the earbuds for listening to music. Not only you but also many people have this habit. In fact, the headphones bring a lot of gadgets in our life. But they also have some negative sides. It is the best way to know its disadvantages. From there, we will use this device in the necessary situations. Now, please check 5 typical risks of wearing the earphones as follows:

  1. Hearing Loss

I make sure that the manufacturers of the headphones also give some advice and the manuals for the buyers. Their purpose is to encourage the users using this product in the right way. This will bring the high efficiency as well as limit the side effects.  Here are some notes to use the earbuds to avoid affecting our hearing loss such as:

Should not use the loud sounds with the headphones

  • According to the instruction, we should not adjust the sounds of the device which they exceed 90 decibels (90 dB). This will not be good for the hearing. Especially, you last this situation. The hearing loss will occur you as soon as possible;
  • Additionally, you should not use the earphones in a lot of continuous hours. With the safe volume and the limited time about 15 minutes, this will reduce the hearing loss effectively.
  1. Ear Infections

It is very popular that someone is willing to share the earphones with others. It looks like normally. But this is extremely dangerous because you can have some risks of the ear infections. Therefore, sharing the headphones is not really safe. At that time, the bacteria can travel from this person’s ear to other’s ear. This can lead to the infection very highly. After knowing this, you do not share your headphones to anyone, right!

  1. Blockage of Air Passage

The sound quality is one of the important elements in the earphones. Even, the buyers will base on this criterion while selecting their headphones. It is required clear and convenient for those who are using the device. Normally, to get the best things of the earphones, you often insert these earbuds in the ear canals directly. So, this will cause the blockage of the air passage. If you do this for a long time it is the main reason of the ear infection, ear wax, and loss of hearing.

  1. Side Effects on Brain

Some problem relating to the brain if you wear the earphones

Until now, there is any study and evidence to prove that wearing the earphone will create some side effects on human’s brain. In fact, some people use the earphones improperly. They will have some problem relating to the brain.

  1. Severe pain in The Ears

According to many studies about the severe pain when we use the earphones frequently. Actually, many cases visit the doctor to check the ear with some symptoms such as having the strange feeling in the ears, appearing the different sounds buzzing, feeling so pain and numbness in the ears. After checking, using regularly the earphones is the main cause which they create the problem about your ears.

Useful Precautions Need to Be Taken to Using The Earphones

After you know 5 typical risks above, surely you will be scared when wearing the headphones. However, you can not use it because of some different reasons. You will use them again. To protect your ear health, there are some tips that they will help you avoid the dangerous risks from this device.

Never share your earphones to others

  • Firstly, you need to change your tiny earbuds. They are very fashionable and easy to carry. However, it always enters the ear canal directly. You must stop wearing them. Instead, you use the bigger one;
  • Secondly, your earphones have a rubber cover. You also pay attention to change a new cover at least once a month;
  • Besides, you should not listen to music with the loud sound. It is better to choose the low volume as possible;
  • On the other hands, you should not wear the earphones on the noisy places. At this time, you will increase the volume. This will help you listen to what you want. However, the loud sound will be really dangerous for your hearing;
  • Beyond that, you only use the headphones for yourself. Even, you never share this to any member of your family. You will not be afraid of the ear infection.
  • Finally, you should not wear the headphones for a long time. It also needs to be rest after using 15 minutes

In short, most of the products from technology will bring the useful value. You should not abuse them. This can have the side effects. Typically, there are 5 risks when using the earphones. They are very necessary to know. Through these, you will note to use this device properly. Also, in this article, I give 6 advice to use the headphones. They are the precautions which you have to remember when using the earphones. All of them are the useful information for those who must use the earphones. Hope you get the essential things to protect your hearing.

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