Basic Things When Comparing New Turntable and Old Turntable

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Many people think that they want to buy a new turntable with the cheap price because their budget is limited. However, some people do think so. In their opinion, with the old turntables, their quality is very good if you have some experience to choose. Sometimes, it was the best vinyl record player in a certain period. And now it is old. Therefore, how about your idea to compare the new turntable and the old turntable? It is not simple to many people. In fact, there are some basic things which you can consider when comparing a new turntable and an old turntable. All of them will be mentioned in this article. Through this information, I hope that you will have the right thinking when comparing the new record player and the old record player.

  1. How about The Basic Things of An Old Turntable

To comparing new record players and old record players, it is very necessary to know some basic things of an old turntable. Let’s see three things as follows:

  • Generally, the old turntables are cheaper than the new turntables. Many manufacturers base on the old style, sound quality, and changing the models to design the new record players. That is the reason why most of the new one has the high price.
  • Moreover, with an old turntable, you will spend more money to repair and replace. Normally, some accessories are too old and they can work well. Thus, to help your record player play in the good condition, you need to repair or replace. That means it spent your money. In fact, you also can buy an old record player. It is better to check carefully and calculate all rising cost after you decide to select the old one.
  • In some special cases, a lot of old record players have the sound very good. Even, their sound qualities are better than the modern ones. With the music professionals, this type of the turntable is really the valuable record player. Therefore, you do not worry too much about the old style because its sound will make you be happy.
  1. How to The Basic Things of A New Turntable

Here are some things about a new record player which you need to know:


All of the new turntables are always the good condition because they have never been used before. Surely, they do not have any wear and tear. Thus, these record players usually have the high price and expensive than the old turntables. To have the turntable with the high quality, you should select one which it has some advanced features. You will understand the advanced features in a new record player. Please look at an example below:

  • With the new turntables, they allowed the users to make the digital files of their records. A flash drive will be inserted into the port where you can be enough the functions to create a music library. And you can enjoy these songs via the computer or your smartphone. At that time, you will store all favorite songs in the safety location if your vinyl records are too old to play.

In addition, with the new record players having a good quality, the sound quality is very great and sweet sound. Many people are willing to spend a lot of money to own a turntable which it has pure and clean sound. You can find out this easily with the expensive record player. However, it is not easy to have in the old record players.

  1. Convenient Features in New Record Player And Old Record Player

When you mention the convenient features in both of the new and old turntables, I am sure that many people will agree that the new record player is more convenient than the old one. Your old record player has some problem. You will be difficult to choose the shop where it can be repaired well because the accessories of the old turntables will often relate to some brands. Now, you are not easy to have these accessories. Beyond that, the new record players will be added more functions for users. The design is also more luxurious and nicer than the old ones. Therefore, you will store it easily.

In summary, there are a lot of facts for comparing the new turntable and the old turntables. However, you can focus on three basic things to recognize the differences. Actually, when you read this information you will have the necessary experience to decide a new turntable or an old one which it is suitable for you.

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