What Should You Notice When Purchasing the Ceiling Fans?

ceiling fan

Ceiling fan is a part of living room furniture. Nowadays, there are more and more people interested in using ceiling fans instead of air conditioners and hardly anyone can deny the benefit of this replacement. The ceiling fan has a reasonable price and very energy efficient in comparison with an air conditioner. In markets, there are many ceiling fans models that are not only used for cooling purpose but also are used as solution for house decoration with entertaining and unique designs. However, to bring all the benefit of the ceiling fan into play, you must know some tips and tricks to buy the best ceiling fans for your house.

  1. Ceiling fan size

ceiling fan size

To choose the best size for the fan, you must aware of the size of your rooms and some special features of each room. Living room, bedroom or dining room also has various sizes and spaces. Therefore choosing the ceiling fan that has the proper size is very important so that the fan can run perfectly.

With the rooms that have the area from 10 to 15 square meters, the fan should have the diameter between 1.07m and 1.22m and between 1.32m to 1.52m for rooms that has the area up to 15 square meters.

The next factor that I want to mention to you is the height of the room. Not all rooms is high enough to install a ceiling fan. It affects to the overall beauty of the room as well as some unaware accidents if the room is not high enough.

The most suitable height to install the ceiling fan is from 2.4m to 2.7m from the floor, but you can adjust it to be better. You still can install the ceiling fan if the height is less than 2.4m by shorten the axle of the fan to make the balance between the ceiling fan and the floor.

  1. Ceiling fan motor

Ceiling fan motor

This is the main part of the ceiling fan. The motor helps the fan to spin thus making the wind movements inside the room. You should choose high quality ceiling fans with the motors warrantied in at least 6 months with a regular maintenance system to make sure your fan can work properly for a long time with the best condition.

  1. The ceiling fan with decorative lamps – a whole new level!

Do you want your house to be completely sparkling and luxurious as a palace, so that whenever anyone comes in, they always want to compliment the house owner? So the ceiling fan with decorative lamps is one of the most essential factors to help you create your masterpiece.

The ceiling fan with lamps for decoration has many models and different materials and unique designs often make the room become more vintage – like. When combining the wooden brown fan blades and the gold light, the room will be flowed with the Eastern noble atmosphere.

Ceiling fan with lights can bring the vintage and gentle atmosphere into your house and make your mind become relieved and relaxed. In addition, this kind of furniture can also show your style of choosing decorative appliances and your sense of beauty.

  1. The position to place the ceiling fan

It’s also the main problems that most people have to think of when using ceiling fans. Installing the fan at the center position of the room can help it to work perfectly and bring the cooling benefit to the maximum quality. Placing it right at the center can also help balancing the room in comparison with a fan that is installed at any corners of the room. If your room is too big or has L shape, you can consider purchasing and installing 2 small ceiling fans to make the arrangement inside your room becomes more balanced and doesn’t lose the initial beauty.

You can choose the ceiling fans from famous brands such as Casablanca or Elegant. But before spending money on any models, you have to make sure that the product has satisfied almost all the requirements of your room. Installing a ceiling fan means that you have a new furniture to take care of, so that you should understand how to use it properly and also how to maintain its best condition. If you have any questions please visit our website about ceiling fans.

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