Your Home Improvement Can Prevent Crimes?

Home improvement projects are loved by almost everyone. We talk about them a little here, a bit there, and share with each other a lot of interesting work that is trendy and fascinating. However, this can enhance your neighbors’ jealousy.

Leaking your home information is quite risky, but not many of us realize these potential risks. The way you sharing your excellent projects, by mouth or through social media tools online are bringing danger to you and your poverty as well. Your home becomes less secure. Never think that this is just threating, as there are a lot of burglar stories is posted to warn people of being aware of their security situation.

However, you can reduce the possibility of these crimes, by home improvement! Believe us and take a look at some tips showed as followings:



You can say, a lock is a sign of security and safety. With locks, we reduce our worries of being broken into the house suddenly by the bad guys. Nevertheless, the issue is how many locks you have around your home. You need to spend some time to rethink about it, and add more locks if necessary.

In addition, the ground floor windows are usually safer than those in the second or upper floors, it is obviously true. However, you can totally boost your safety and reduce risks by make some home improvement. If you believe that renovations can compromise the higher level of safety to your home, you should apply locks to these windows too.


Doors are deemed to be the main entry points for burglars to break into home. That is to say, all your home improvements should involve installation of new doors, or adding some more vital measurement to ensure adequate security. You can choose doors with prestigious brands or fully get standard quality of British Standard PAS 24-1. This standard will ensure you with the doors totally fulfill all the protecting functions of furniture you may ever find.

Moreover, the door frame should also be strong enough. All high quality doors and locks mean nothing if the frame is easily broken. What’s more, if you want to have a new door, consider whether it is necessary to add another window too.



You gardens can be a reason for inviting burglars to visit your home. It can help them to have a good shelter and take advantage of the gardens. It is apparent that you have to take precautions to reduce this risk remarkably.

We should avoid garden sheds that are close to our home, and remember to lock them carefully. Garden fences are required, with at least 2 meters in height. Putting on some trellising on top of the fences will make it harder foot the bad to climb over.

In concluding, renovations are always good ideas for your home, but renovations lacking of security solutions can be a huge mistake. Safety is all we want to have when owning a house, before any other elements such as beauty or convenience.

You can visit a local police station to get more precious advice. Then just enjoy your home and peaceful time with your family. Wish you can learn something from this article and have a safe house for yourself.

Four Common Mistakes In Home Improvement Projects

DIY home improvement projects are so popular these days that almost everyone wants to do something with their house by themself. However, everything has its rule. DIY stuff seems to be easy and simple, but still has its own principle.

DIY projects

If you want to make a flawless DIY projects, or at least do something that is useful and beneficial to your home, try to avoid some common mistakes that someone else often make.

Hereunder are some common mistakes for you to learn first, before start anything else with your home.


You might think that, renovation projects to your house are definitely an excellent idea at all time. However, it is only true if it’s going to be your house the couples of next years. If you want to sell your home soon, it is quite risky when to make too renovating and specific projects, which state your charisma and lifestyle a lot.

For example, you can feel like to have a living garden in the right center of the living room. It can be a good idea, but whether the next owner of the home has a green thumb or not is another story.


Doing home renovation business can be funny and interesting, but also be a booming business as well. Make sure some work you need to handle with, by yourself, does not stretch out your reach of knowledge and capability.

It can be easy and freestyle to make a home structure designs, or add more accessories to your living space, but stuffs concerning plumbing, electrical or gas work requires more specific knowledge and professional background. Hire a third party to make home improvement for you. Do not do something beyond your limitations. You shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help from the others, or experts to have a well-planned project.


Some people may think that a hot tub or a swimming pool added to a house can raise its value and surely be a good seller. However, this is not always true.

Pools can only be crushed in mostly warm weather climate areas. Moreover, they are expensive to be maintained, or cleaned for frequent swim. If a customer doesn’t like pool, it is nearly impossible to directly remove a pool. Mind your head that not much buyers are searching for a house with a pool or a hot tub. If you want to have one, you have to accept the fact that you put a limitation on its potential resale in the market.


It is totally wrong if you think following the latest design trends is always better than the old ones. The truth is, many old and ancient design styles are still loved these days. New features can attract people’s eyes at the first time, but when time passes by it will get older very fast. That’s why people like to choose the classic wallpaper, whose beauty is still with flow of time.

All of those kinds of mistakes are common in the home improvement world. Remember those principle and things will go on being much easier for you to play with. Just enjoy and get fun with your successful ideas and projects!

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